Eastern University

Eastern University is a Christian university located in St. Davids, Pennsylvania just outside of Philadelphia. Eastern has hosted FUGE since 1999. While serving the greater Philly area, churches now have the choice between MFuge, XFuge on Mission or a combination of these two programs.

All FUGE programming is held in the Gymnasium which seats approximately 300 people. The cafeteria is located in Walton Hall and offers multiple entrée options and desserts each meal, including a salad bar with locally grown produce. Hang time activities include an outdoor pool, tennis courts, coffee shop, sand volleyball tournaments, soccer field and more. To see a map of the campus, click here. To see what Eastern University’s housing looks like, click here.

For the week of June 16-21, we are offering a High School Only Week! This week will be geared toward high school students in Bible study and ministry sites. If you have middle school students, you should consider taking them to Middle School Only at Carson-Newman. See Centrifuge for dates and rates.

MFuge offers the following ministry track options- childrens, games and recreation, painting/construction/yardwork, social and homeless ministry.

XFuge on Mission offers the following ministry track options- childrens, painting/construction/yardwork and social.

Special note for the week of July 1-6: Make plans to celebrate the 4th in the birthplace of America! Camp participants will have the option of going to downtown Philly for fireworks on the 4th or staying near the campus and enjoying fireworks at a local high school.

Camp size: 200-300