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What is SLA?

The FUGE Student Leader Apprentice (SLA) program is a two-week experience for students who love camp and want to gain hands-on leadership experience in a camp environment. Students go behind the scenes at FUGE and learn valuable leadership skills within the camp ministry setting. SLA is designed for students who are about to enter or who have just completed their senior year in High School. During the first week of the program students will participate in a variety of experiences including a personality and leadership assessment, ministry sites, recreation, Bible study, development of leadership skills, prayer experiences, worship, etc…

During the second week, students will be apprenticed to a FUGE staffer and will gain hands-on camp experience. Students will serve in a variety of roles, assisting the overall camp program. The apprentice week will give students a first-hand look at camp ministry as well as prepare them for future leadership roles.

Where is SLA?

For the summer of 2015, FUGE will offer two locations for the SLA program: Belmont University in Nashville, TN and Glorieta in Glorieta, NM (just outside Santa Fe). While both locations will offer a similar week one experience that includes ministry sites, recreation, Bible study, worship and leadership training – each location will also offer several unique experiences. Click on the application below to see more details about each location.

SLA Dates at Belmont University (Nashville, TN):
  • Cost: $696 - (cost will include everything except for extra spending money and transportation to and from the program – all meals are included in the cost)
  • Dates: June 8-20, June 15-27, June 22-July 3, June 28-July 11, July 6-18, July 13-25
SLA Dates at Glorieta (Glorieta, NM):
  • Cost: $688 - (cost will include everything except for extra spending money and transportation to and from the program – all meals are included in the cost)
  • Dates: June 13-24, June 19-30, June 25-July 6, July 1-12, July 7-18

For more details and to apply for the SLA program, click on the Apply for SLA tab.

Quotes about SLA

“Week one of the program challenged me to examine my heart and see the different ways that God was calling me to step up and lead others in service. Week two provided ample opportunity for me to actually allow God to refine me by putting those very things that needed work into practice. The community of staff encouraged me in so many things ranging from embracing funny awkward moments to pursuing intentional conversation with those around me. My SLA experience still shapes the way I live for Christ today and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!”

“As an SLA in 2004, we learned about servant leadership. We looked to Christ as the ultimate example of humility and how He built relationships with those He led. I grew a lot during those two weeks as I not only learned about these principles, but was also given the opportunity to live them out during those two weeks as an SLA. I’ve carried those lessons in leadership into many experiences throughout my college years, my three summers of working FUGE Camps, and in my job today.”

“My experience with SLA was life-changing. I am so thankful for the ways that it challenged me and prepared me for FUGE staff. It made me realize that if I called myself a Christ follower, it was time I started acting like Christ. That means loving the unlovable. It means carrying the Gospel to the darkest places. It means not always being comfortable. It means running hard after the Lord. It means making disciples. It means getting over myself and getting into Jesus.”

Apply for SLA

Print the APPLICATION and 3 REFERENCE FORMS. Fill out and return the APPLICATION along with at least 3 REFERENCE FORMS no later than February 9, 2015. You will be notified by March 2, 2015 of your status in the program.



For questions, please contact Amanda Craft at 615-251-2348 or slafuge@gmail.com