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2015 Combo Camp FAQ


What are the ages Combo Camps?

FUGE Camps are for students having completed 6th grade through college. Bible studies, track times, recreation, ministry sites and other programming elements are built around the developmental needs of students in these age groups. Children, primarily older children who have completed 4th or 5th grade, should not attend FUGE Camps for this reason. We recommend CentriKid, a camp ministry for children having completed 3rd through 6th grade. If you choose to bring your own children who are outside of our camper age range, they must remain in your supervision throughout the camp daily schedule.

What is the theme for 2015?
How can I get information about a specific location?
How many adults should we bring?

1 adult for every 5 students (gender specific). Adult is defined as 19 yrs old AND one year out of High School.

Can FUGE accommodate a camper with special needs?

We will do our best to work with our staff and facility staff to make the necessary accommodations for students with special needs. Call the FUGE Office toll free at 1-877-CAMP123 or e-mail your question to fuge@lifeway.com.

Will other groups be on campus while we are there?

Sure. Although Fuge will use most of the housing at each camp location there may be other visitors to the campus, conference center, or resort your group attends.

Who will be the camp pastor and worship leader/band at the location my group will be attending?

This information can be found on our camp landing pages with the dates, rates, and leaders: Centrifuge, MFuge, XFuge, and Combo,


When are deposits due?

Before February 1: You may reserve your spot at camp anytime before February 1 with no deposit.

February 1: A $50 per person, non-refundable deposit is required for each reservation to be paid on or before February 1. If you have already registered, you are required to pay a $50 deposit per person to hold your reservation. Any new or additional reservations made after February 1 will require an immediate $50 deposit per person.

May 1 - Cancellation Deadline: All cancellations made after May 1 will incur an additional $50 fee for each person dropped. When cancellations occur, deposits cannot be applied toward balance due.**

14 Days Prior to Camp: Final balance must be received 14 days before your arrival at camp. If it is not, your group will be charged a one-time $75 late fee.*

*Auto Payment Option: Authorized Group Leaders may give permission to charge the remaining balance to a church LifeWay account by calling LifeWay Events Registration at 1-877-CAMP-123. This must be done by May 1. Any adjustments for drops or additions will be applied to the specified account after camp.

When is my final balance due?

Your final balance is due two weeks (14 days) prior to your arrival at camp. If it is not, your group will be charged a one-time $75 late fee.*

*Auto Payment Option: Authorized Group Leaders may give permission to charge the remaining balance to a church LifeWay account by calling LifeWay Events Registration at 1-877-CAMP-123. This must be done by May 1. Any adjustments for drops or additions will be applied to the specified account after camp.

Dress code

What is the dress code for FUGE?

Please ask your students and adult sponsors not to pack anything that:

  • Advertises alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs
  • Explicitly or implicitly promotes racism, sexism, or hatred of any group or person
  • Explicitly or implicitly refers to sexual actions or situations
  • Has spaghetti straps, except for sleepwear
  • Is excessively short or tight fitting (please NO sleeveless shirts or tank tops on MFuge/XFuge on Mission ministry sites)

While at camp, we ask that students and adults:

  • Wear closed-toed shoes to recreation and/or ministry sites.
  • Wear modest, one-piece bathing suits or two piece suits covered with a colored T-shirt.
  • Wear modest shorts, dresses, slacks, and jeans for worship. Long pants or knee-length skirts are required for students or adults participating in worship on stage.
  • Do not dress in a way that calls attention to their underwear (sagging your pants, rolling down your waistbands, etc)
  • A dark t-shirt if you plan to take the messy games or water games track.
  • We invite you to join us as leaders in monitoring your group to ensure they are dressing appropriately.


What will accommodations be like?

This depends on the location your group will be attending. The majority of locations are dorm rooms with 2-4 beds and shared bathrooms or bath on the hall. For more location specific information, click here.

Who can I talk with if I have questions about my location?

Contact the FUGE office via email at fuge@lifeway.com

What to Bring

What do I need to bring to registration at camp?

-Group Information Form- (make sure it is updated and accurate)

-FUGE Release Forms- (2 per participant, including adults) We need the originals; you keep the copies. Separate between the different camp programs, if you are at a combo camp and are participating in multiple areas. Be sure each form has a photocopy of parent’s insurance card.

-Statement of Compliance- We do not need the actual background checks but need this form completed and signed.

-At Camp Registration Checklist- You will use this to ensure you have completed the registration process.

What do my students need to bring to camp?

Bible, shorts and t-shirts, shoes-tennis shoes for recreation and sandals if desired, personal hygiene items, favorite pillow, money for snacks and items in the FUGE store and other optional items such as a camera.

What should my students not bring to camp?

Alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, fireworks, any kind of weapon, water guns, water balloons. We recommend no radios, iPods, CD players, play station portables or other gaming devices, roller blades or skateboards. If students do bring cell phones or iPods please ensure these are not distractions at camp.


Who can I talk to if I have questions about the transportation that I am bringing to camp

Call the FUGE office at 615.251.3839 or email your question to fuge@lifeway.com

What is the transportation policy for MFuge at Combo Camps?

Groups must provide adequate and appropriate transportation and drivers for students to get to ministry sites while attending MFuge.

How may churches help?

The best way to ensure adequate transportation is for each group to provide enough seating to cover the number of participants the group is bringing. The vehicles best suiting the needs for use at MFuge are mini-vans, personal vehicles, 12 passenger vans, and mini buses. If 15 passenger vans are brought for use by churches, according to LifeWay Christian Resources and many state laws, MFuge will not load more than 11 passengers (including driver) on them.

What about large/charter buses?

MFuge will make the best possible use of large buses. While we welcome you to bring whatever source of transportation to camp that best suits the needs of your church, we must recognize that the use of large buses poses some significant logistical difficulties. If you bring a large bus to camp, we ask that you make it available each day for ministry projects. Please keep in mind that the driver is required to stay on ministry site and is not allowed to leave. In the event of an emergency the bus may be asked to help. You may also be asked to provide, rent if needed, additional transportation to stay on site in case of emergency. This is needed when the bus transports more than one group to ministry site. Depending on the size of your church group, the size of a ministry track group, and other possible scenarios, this additional transportation could include cars, mini-vans, or 12-passenger vans. Bringing a couple of additional personal vehicles to camp per large bus is suggested for churches utilizing large buses as their primary means of transportation. Be prepared—your local site director may also ask you to rent additional transportation to accommodate the differences between the number of students you bring to camp and the number we are able to accommodate for ministry site transportation due to your use of large buses.

Bottom line: We want to make this as easy as possible for you, but we need you to understand that some weeks may have scenarios which require the provision of additional transportation, whether through personal or rented vehicles.

Ministry Sites

Will all of my students be in the same ministry track group?

No, they will be assigned to a track of their choice and will be mixed in with students from other groups.

Can we find out about the ministry projects we will be working with prior to our arrival at camp.?

Yes, the best way would be contact the site director after May 31 at the number provided as the camp contact number in the Group Leader Information.

Can we bring things such as bags of clothes, soap, canned food, etc to camp to give to ministry sites?


Are there ways for us to continue to give and invest in the ministry sites once our week of camp is over?

Yes, the site director will be able to give you contact information for the sites you wish.