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In 1979 LifeWay began a camp that resulted in a movement. Centrifuge debuted that summer and a summer tradition began for many churches. The idea of a full-time staff who planned and led Bible study, team-building recreation, track times, worship and other camp elements proved to be wildly popular. Within just a few years Centrifuge would branch out from two original locations to places all around the country. In 1986, on the heels of Centrifuge’s success a children’s camp was begun. Crosspoint ministered to the needs of children through building sports skills.

By 1995 Centrifuge had become such a part of so many churches’ summer plans that a new type of Centrifuge camp was needed. MFuge was born combining the most popular elements of Centrifuge with a missions focus. As MFuge grew to locations around the country the opportunity to go overseas presented itself and in 1998, MFuge International first began to carry MFuge campers to other countries. In 2000 CentriKid made its debut taking many of the popular elements of Centrifuge to create a camp experience for children.

In 2005 the FUGE family of camps continued to grow with the additions of XFuge and Combo Camp.

For 30+ years, over a million people have had the FUGE experience. FUGE campers through the years have raised millions of dollars for missions and thousands of lives have been changed. Your group can also be a part of the FUGE family of camps this summer. Call 1-877-CAMP-123 to learn more or to register for this summer!