Tom Edwards Band

For over fifteen years, Tom Edwards has been leading people in worship on the road for events as well as on staff for the local church. His blend of modern worship songs and modernized hymns works well to appeal to all ages and musical tastes. Tom and his band, based in Clinton, MS, believe strongly that worship is not about observation, but participation. “If a song leads me somewhere I know, then I can honestly lead others through that song,” admits Tom. “Getting people to engage in worship with me is like a matter of survival. If the church is not included as a vital part of that musical expression of worship, I feel like I have failed in leading them anywhere. If we’re going to call it corporate worship, then let’s not just put on a rock show for them to watch.” Growing up around the Mississippi Delta, Tom’s music naturally has taken on a bluesy, swampy southern rock flare. The guys in the band have a great time making music together and are determined to let that spill over to the crowd. They don’t take themselves too seriously, but most definitely take their task seriously. If you want to get to know these guys a little better, take a trip to and see what’s going on there. They want to get to know you too, so find them at and at