Sidewalk Prophets

They are exceptionally talented players who have a great heart for ministry. Integrating worship with real life is one of the simple truths Sidewalk Prophets has learned to live by. The fact that they have been on the road for 150+ dates per year for the past half-decade and show no signs of slowing down attests to their tenacious work ethic. But while there are tons of bands with talent and tenacity who never progress beyond the garage, Sidewalk Prophets insist it is the ever-present hand of the Lord that has lifted them to the next level of their career. These Simple Truths, the bands’ debut album, explodes from the speakers with sparkling pop, raucous rock, and beautiful ballads that will convince even the most jaded listener that these guys know how to craft intelligent, inspired music that fits comfortably inside the box, but may not be content to stay there.