Robert Smith

Robert Smith is a recovering youth pastor who now specializes in teen culture. In 2005 after 5 years of serving on church staff, Robert formed Upside Down Ministries. His ministry seeks to train and equip workers and parents in strategies for relating to and mentoring youth, along with encouraging students to follow Christ boldly in today’s culture.

Robert now spends his time traveling the country speaking to students at camps, D-Now’s, revivals, and other events. He leads conferences across the country helping parents understand today’s youth culture. Since starting this ministry, Robert has spoken to thousands of parents and teens in over 100 churches across the country. Each month he writes a free teen culture E-magazine for parents (The Culture Connection). Robert also writes a bi-monthly teen culture section in LifeWay’s Parenting Teens magazine.

Robert and his wife, Mary along with 2 year old daughter Madlyn Love live in Lawton, OK. Robert enjoys spending time with his family, a good white chocolate mocha, playing basketball and wrestling with his daughter. When Robert is not on the road, he serves part-time on staff at his church where he frequently teaches and serves as an assistant pastor. Robert believes his calling is to use pop culture to get teen’s attention and then point them to God in terms they can understand.