Matt Papa

Spend any time talking with minister/artist Matt Papa, and one thing becomes immediately apparent: He’s clearly a man on a mission. Eschewing the typical small talk that usually happens before a conversation really gets started, Papa wastes no time digging into the heart of the matter. As an artist who mostly isn’t interested in simply making music for music’s sake, Papa writes songs that center around God’s word and doesn’t consider his job done until the lyrics have taken permanent residence in a listener’s gray matter.“Songs are sermons people remember” Papa says. “I often don’t remember a sermon I heard yesterday, let alone a year ago. But with songs, there’s a hook, and people remember it. So that’s why I want to write with Scripture. I don’t want to waste time. “Staying right on point, the call to live intentionally is a theme that resonates deeply through the songs of Papa’s new Centricity Music release, Your Kingdom Come. Matt, Lauren, their 1.5 year old daughter Paisley, and baby-to-be now live in Raleigh, NC where matt serves at the Summit Church and still travels, preaching the gospel through music.