Larrie Reece

Boston based worship leader and songwriter Larrie Reece offers her smooth vocals and piano melodies as a vessel through which the Spirit can draw others towards the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ. Driven by God’s transforming promise of continuously dwelling in the midst of His people and their praise, Larrie focuses on encouraging the body to walk in a daily reality of this truth. “Worship is such an amazing gift God has given for us to relate to Himself, to others, and even to ourselves,” says Reece. “I have always felt called to it, and know that in whatever capacity it might be, I will be blessed to spend my life doing music.” Larrie has had the opportunity to serve in leading worship for various church conferences and settings, youth retreats, high school and college student bodies, and charity events. She has also led worship in various international communities such as Mexico, Honduras, Greece, Ecuador, and Canada. In 2006, Larrie began studying classical voice with an emphasis in church music at the University of Mobile in Alabama. Her desire to pursue excellence in God’s call on her life and contemporary styles led her to Berklee College of Music in the fall of 2009, where she is currently majoring in Contemporary Writing and Production. Set to graduate in May 2012, Larrie has grown into a versatile writer, producer, and engineer. In the upcoming months, she will be finishing the recording and production of her first album and is very excited to have the opportunity to serve with Fuge camps again this summer.